smalltalker is a group made up of friends, and those friends’ friends. With headcount in the double digits they fill up both stage and studio, and with well crafted tunes formed by unending vision and revision they occupy every space they are in with waves of ear-pleasing, head-nodding sound.


Each member of smalltalker (a smalltalkerer?) has a passion for music, and though they come together as one everybody brings a unique style that creates a true melting pot of musical stew. The band knew their jams would yield something special, but what they did not expect was how their diverse sound would someday pluck them from a meditation room (Thanks Uncle Milt) doubling as a practice space and plop them down on the stage of established venues like Burlington, Vermont's famous Nectar's and Higher Ground. They have also extensively rubbed elbows at New York's Otis Mountain Get Down festival, and Brooklyn's Knitting Factory.


Now the time has come for the band's second EP, talk small - the follow up to Walk Tall -  and with it begins the next chapter of the band's story. So stick around, the conversation is just beginning.


The music is written, performed, and played by everybody, but who is smalltalker?

smalltalker is in fact:

Nico Osborne - Guitar/Trumpet/Vox

Mike Dondero - Bass/Vox

Doug Standley - Drums

Danny Whitney - Keys/Vox

Chris Jordan - Guitar

Steph Heaghney - Vocals/Flute

Audrey Pirog - Vocals

Rob Debruyn - Sax

Max Mellman - Trombone

Gerard Marcus - Trumpet